Today I'll teach you how to make a Website using Blogger Platform and how to customize to the way you like it. Just follow the instructions and I'm sure you will make it very easily.

Lets start it with Blogger, Blogger has unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and always FREE to use, so this is the best blogging platform I can suggest to you. But If you want others, there are also some available Free Website Making Platforms like Webs, Wordpress, etc. On the other hand, if you want to start a website with a new domain and a host, it may cost you many dollars per month, depending upon the bandwidth usage.

So lets choose the cheapest way to start a website:

Step 1: (Optional) if you want a custom domain you can buy at Namecheap at the cheap price.

Step 2: Sign Up to Blogger or If you have Google Account just login and go to next step.

Step 3: After you're signed up to blogger, click the link Create a Blog

Step 4: Now Choose the name of your blog you want to.

Step 5: Then Input the blog address. (note: it’s much better if your blog address is same as the name of your blog, but don’t put spaces or other signs, just word) Its good for SEO Purpose

Ex: Blog Name: Empress Jelaine >>>>>>> Blog URL:

Step 6: Enter The Verification Code and Click Continue.

Step 7: Then Choose your desire template and your Blog/Website is ready.

PS: If you want customized Premium Blogger Template on blogger visit

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