Google surprise me after I typed, "Let it snow" in Google Search. Little flakes of snow will start falling on Google page. A few seconds later, the entire screen will be frosted with snow — and you won’t be able to see anything.

It’s just like watching snow fall outside your bedroom window — but it works even if you’re in a country that doesn’t have winter.

To “wipe out” the frost on your screen, simply click and drag your mouse cursor. Or use the handy blue “Defrost” button to remove all the fog.
Google has been known to tinker and play with its website. For instance, it usually changes its multi-colored logo to caricatures that incorporate the word “Google” meant to commemorate a historical event or a person.
Last month, visitors who typed “do a barrel roll” on Google saw the screen rotate and flip similar to a fighter pilot doing the “barrel roll” aerial stunt.
The “let it snow” trick is perhaps Google’s way of greeting visitors who are dreaming of a “white Christmas.” Should we expect fireworks on Google’s site when New Year’s Eve comes?

Video of Google let it Snow

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