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Empress Jelaine - - pinoy

Ang Kanin -amadeux- Bigas ay tahipan Kaldero ay linisin Gatong ay hipan Bigas ay hugasan Sa tamang dami ay tubigan Sa kalan ay isal... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - ASAP 2012

Angeline Quinto showed professionalism when she didn’t miss a beat when she tripped during her performance on ASAP 2012 earlier today. Ang... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - Facebook

Ramnit worm spreads on Facebook and exploits weak security to compromise financial accounts. Ramnit / ZeuS Hybrid Compromises 45,000 F... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - extra-ordinary

Also known as "Mary Worth," "I Believe in Mary Worth," "Mary Worthington," "Mary Jane," "I Bel... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - tips

Hate Facebook timeline and want to switch with the old style? Here I present you the trick to deactivate facebook timeline on your profile... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - google

This was fun, I bet you a hundred bux step 1) Go to this link step 2) Then type ==> pv zk bschk pv zk ... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - Tutorial

Today I'll teach you how to make a Website using Blogger Platform and how to customize to the way you like it. Just follow the instruct... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - tips

Last time a post about Hotfile Hack to Download Deleted Files . Now this trick is came from old rapidshare trick to make the countdown time... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - rapidleech

Are you new in uploading job? Or you need something to download but it limits you? Here is the best FREE solutions that I can give you. Some... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - tips

When I was studying College in the subject of "Project Management" my Professor ask me what is the meaning of ltd in the Company ... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - tips

This trick is called Custom Tag name Now I'm going to share you how to post your status via ( Iphone , Operamini , Nokia , T-Mobile ) o... [...]

Empress Jelaine - - serials

Update 10 Jan 2012 11:34 Username: TRIAL-58392508 Password: cr6ec57vhf Username: TRIAL-58392481 Password: n5mebcrt48 Username: TRIA... [...]