Globe announced the availability of the first USB modem designed to connect to HSPA+ 4G networks, endorsed by Filipino racer Marlon Stockinger. Today we share our first impressions and up-close pics of the Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini stick.

The Tattoo Torino comes in a black box with a transparent front.

You’ll have to cut the “do not accept if tampered with” seals on the top and bottom before you can slide everything out.

That Torino Lamborghini branding is actually a carbon-fiber looking sticker plastered on a Huawei E372.

Like many other sticks manufactured by Huawei, this one has a USB plug, a slot for a SIM, and a slot that supports microSD memory cards.

It also automatically installs its own software when you plug it into a Windows PC.

The service is only available for postpaid users (see the flyer at the attachments), and is powered by Globe’s 4G mobile network.

Globe Tattoo 3Mbps – P999 (original plan speed of 2Mbps)

Globe Tattoo MiFi – P100 / month (previous price of P149)

Globe Tattoo Superstick 5Mbps – P1299 (original plan speed of 3Mbps)

Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 10Mbps – P2199

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