RejectedRejection ! It’s hard not to take it personally when a friend request goes unanswered.

Developing a thicker skin can certainly help you feel less hurt when you don’t see a notification about someone you sent an invite to, but thinking about the possible explanations why you haven’t seen a response yet works even better. Most likely, the other party has something else going on that’s very different from your experience. They probably don’t hate you at all!

So, take a deep breath and read on to learn seven really good reasons why you haven’t seen a response to a friend request.

1 . They Havent Logged On To The Site In A While.

Those of us who keep a browser pill open to Facebook throughout much of the day often leave that half of the peoples with explanations on the site dont log on daily. It can be hard to envisage anyone keeping themselves away for more than a day here and there. But lo and behold, some folks only correspond the land site once every two or three daylights, hebdomadal or even (gasp!) monthly. Plus, peoples do go on holidays to positions with limited Net access.

What do these peoples do with all that time away from Facebook? We think that kind of conduct is screwball like you probably do, but we remind ourselves that some folks have brought together the land site more recently than we have, so their addictions to social media are still in development. These proportional newcomers will benefit from your Facebook friendship once they lumber back on and note the friend-add ikon has a violent square next to it. Unless. xEOL .

2. They Ignore Notifications.

The number of ways to use Facebook keeps growing, and many usage habits have nothing in common with the way we do things. Yes, there really are peoples who dont pay attention to the telling and Quaker asking ikons at the top of the screen. We know some of them in person, and they always say things like, Its not you, its me. In this instance, its not a lie.

Some people get so caught up in Bejeweled Blitz or any of the other games that locomote apace and expect the utmost tightness that the royal blue piloting bar at the top of the screen becomes well, these gamers maximise the performing window so they cant even see where the apprisals are. Its also possible that the soul you directed the asking to accessions Facebook subject matter from a third-party covering outside of the land site, all but vouching your improver got overlooked. xEOL .

3. Theyre Being Master.

Attorneys keep counselling professional types to trample cautiously on Facebook, and they progressively abide by because so many employers dread causes. So if you directed a Quaker asking to your foreman and it goes unrequited, that doesnt mean he or she doesnt like you that person is probably following teachings from human resources or some consultant. The same goes for your instructor or health-care provider. They want to avoid uncomfortable posts from coming about in the future.

Your coworkers might have a similar reaction to your champion asking, and you shouldnt misapprehend that as dislike. Very possibly the individual hasnt amply committed in you yet and whatever he or she does on Facebook might include some things you dont know yet. Take it in stride and endeavor to become better introduced with that person instead of taking the nonresponse as a slim. xEOL .

4. They Dont Remember You.

Its not that youre not memorable. Some people have better powerfulnesses of recall than others. The older we get, the harder it becomes to think of everything, especially social matters. And not everyones remembering abilities seem to age at the same yard. A former schoolmate might have done a lot more drugs than you since graduation, eliminating more brain cells than you might have. Also, someone who has lots to keep track of might have a harder time calling back things than you.

When in uncertainty, follow up with a tone reminding the person who you are. Better yet, take advantage of the write a personal musical note connection on the Quaker asking window and say something like, Long time, no see. How long has it been since we fined tune? or something along those lines. xEOL .

5. Theyre Hurting.

Trauma comes in many forms, from emotional brokenheartedness to physical annoyance. Both have a way of consuming the diseased persons intact being and realining their precedencies toward things merely dont admit Facebook. Hurtings have a way of taking center stage in a persons awareness and shutting out all other things.

Certainly, brokenheartedness can come in different orders of magnitude, but the expiry of a loved one or the end of a attached kinship can make it hard for peoples to put on their best side in the company of others. Some do turn to social media to find funding for their sorrows, but not everyone controls that way. One could say the same about physical painfulnesses, but someone lying in a hospital bed may not have the ability to sit up and use a laptop computer or mobile device for browsing the Internet and visiting Facebook. xEOL .

6. Theyre An Unrequited Love Or Lust Object.

Okay, take another deep breath. Its not the end of the world if someone doesnt feel the same way about you, but maybe you dont know the whole story. That person could already have a committed family relationship perhaps their married person looks at every protagonist improver, a recitation we frown upon despite pointing out its world. At last, have you considered whether the individual might be attracted to a different sexuality than you are? .

Whatever the ground why someone doesnt find attracted to you, sure enough youve had the opposite of this. Try to remember what it felt like. Would you have accepted a Quaker asking from that person or would you have wanted to keep some distance? We propose you disquiet yourself from this by checking out one of the many dating stamp coatings on Facebook to find someone new. xEOL .

7. They Declined Your Friend Request.

Okay, we acknowledge that this does encounter. But Facebook makes this a lot more pleasant for everyone by not sending out notices after someone denies a Quaker asking. So you dont actually have to deal with rejection on the social network! Just seize that one of the premature reasons listed above explicates why you never got a response and decamp the one about unreciprocated intuitive feelings. Stress instead on the supporters you do have, and on proceeding to make more.

Unless youve directed a Quaker asking to someone who passed away (we go our commiserations if thats the case), the nonresponse is most likely a holdup, not a demurrer. Even when peoples make up one's mind not to swallow, theyre more likely to not react than to actually deny.

No matter what account there is for the want of reply, it at last calls for the same advice : Be patient and focus on other things. Facebook has more than 1,500 different applications, many times more sir frederick handley page and labout 600 million drug users. Sure as shooting theyre enough to unhinge you from concerning about one holdup.

But if you are still vexing about this now, please tell us about it in the commentaries surgical incision. And to the rest of you dearly lectors, have you vext about Quaker askings that havent gotten a response? .

8. They Don't Know You at All

And lastly, how will they accept you if you havent any mutual friend with him/her? How can you be sure that they will accept you if you're Country was India and them are US or China or somewhere out of this planet? If course they have to know where you from whos both of you mutual friends


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It think you left out one important piece of information.Yes SOME of them do know exactly who you are, BUT if they didn,t want to be your friend or associate with you in the past then more than likely they won,t communicate with you now.This might stem from many different reasons in which I will explain a few.Remember in high school how some kids were classified as loners or being picked at, those are some of the same individuals who are having a hard time getting accepted on facebook,why? Because people see you the way they see you ten or twenty years ago.Another example is that a person may have broken a few rules in their community back in their younger days, in other words they commit crimes. people may have printed a mental scarlett letter on that persons face or doesn,t want to associate with them.

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